About Us

Mids&Lows is your street’s ecosystem. 

We are India’s only sneaker and streetwear brand that is your one-stop shop for all your fashion expressions. We are certain that sneakers are not just what you wear on your feet, but rather a way to express yourself.

We’re bringing to you a heavily curated sneaker and streetwear selection from both international and domestic fashion brands that will cater to both your hype and general fashion needs. With a full line of apparel, leather and cloth accessories made sustainably in-house, Mids&Lows will ensure that you standout. And for those who find it hard to maintain their sneakers and accessories, we provide ‘sneakers and accessories cleanse‘ services through our sister brand, The Leather Laundry.

Behind Mids&Lows is a team of people that is passionate about being in the forefront to see the sneaker and streetwear culture grow in India. We are a house of introverts and extroverts. We’re building a space where sneaker collectors and streetwear admirers are a part of the same family, The Mids&Lows Fam. We are inculcating a culture in which, irrespective of one’s fashion choices, everybody is equal.

Build your sneaker story with us.

Come one, come all!!!