What Is Drew House, Justin Bieber’s Fashion Line?

What Is Drew House, Justin Bieber’s Fashion Line?

People were curious while why Bieber’s shirts, socks, and hats all say “Drew” on them. What exactly is the brand, and why does Justin Bieber like it so much?

Drew House is one of the most mysterious fashion brands in the industry. Back in 2018, Bieber quietly trademarked “THE HOUSE OF DREW,” “MAISON DREW,” and simply, “DREW.” The name is an homage to Justin Bieber’s middle name Drew.

According to the line’s website, “drew house is a place where you can be yourself and feel loved, safe, encouraged, and valued.”

When it came time for Ryan Good, Bieber’s one-time stylist, to come up with a direction for the pop star’s new House of Drew Clothing label, he realized that attempting to keep up with Bieber’s style transformation was a fool’s errand.

What Good did focus on distilling into the House of Drew brand is all the fun Bieber seems to have when he gets dressed. The name alone, House of Drew, is the sort of hoity-toity phrasing reserved for luxury European houses.

Some of the clothes are purposefully silly, too. There’s a pair of eyebrow-raising corduroy pants with DREW printed across the crotch, for example. Most notably, the brand turned Bieber’s habit of walking out of his hotel in complimentary slippers into a branded item that’s now reselling on eBay for $300.

The rest of the items are tops, which, like the Chaz items, are also unisex and apparently “ethically made” in limited quantities in Los Angeles. Each is emblazoned with the word “Drew” and split up into two groups: those featuring the smiley face logo, titled “Mascot,” and those featuring just the brand name, titled “Secret.” While it’s mostly hoodies and T-shirts, there’s also a black turtleneck that’s described as “what a young, chill Steve jobs might have worn.”

Those cutesy descriptions appear to be working: Less than 24 hours after the collection was made available, all of the items had sold out. Plus, as an added bonus, each comes with an informational factoid like “polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting,” or “7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.”

Drew House designer Gianpiero asked to Billboard about working with Justin Bieber to elevate the feel-good themes of the singer’s clothing line.

Gianpiero x Drew House

The heart of Drew House beats inside Theodore, a brown teddy bear with a purple nose who wears a yellow Drew logo tee. Theodore was the first drawing Gianpiero sent to Justin, who co-founded the clothing line alongside his longtime friend and former stylist Ryan Good. The trio officially launched the brand at the top of 2019.

Theodore symbolizes an artistic climax for Gianpiero, as well as an artistic rebirth for Bieber.

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