Anti Social Social Club is a streetwear label started in 2015 by Instagram personality Neek Lurk. Started during his time working at Stüssy as social media and Brand Marketing Director, the brand channels elements of the founder’s own struggles with mental health issues into a straightforward range of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

 The brand is probably best known for its original logo, a simple, serif typeface manipulated into a wavy form.

ASSC is also well known for its use of bright colors and melancholic phrases, such as “Give me happiness gives me pain”, “Fuck everyone it’s just you in the end” and “Get Weird”. Eschewing typical seasonal releases or proper collections.

Brand releases numerous collections in a year, the number has increased drastically in the short-lived existence of the brand.

ASSC drops its first ever collection for DSM London. The collection featured solid bright color round nick t-shirts with phrases such as “LAST TIME WAS THE LAST TIME”, “ENOUGH OF YOU” etc. were printed with the classic wavy font and many different fonts were used as well.

The last dropped collection of ASSC featured 60 different pieces.

Anti Social Social Club has released numerous collaborations with a number of prestigious brands, such as Mastermind Japan, A Bathing Ape, Vans and Modernica.


Collaborations are typically very straightforward, combing ASSC’s original text logo to the partner’s most popular items, such as A Bathing Ape’s camo sweats or Mastermind’s Skull & Crossbones logo.

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